Saturday, January 15, 2011

i know, i’m getting boring


probably you’ll get the impression that i’m obsessed with only one thing

and i am, in some ways :D but i promise, i won’t be posting only ice cream recipes ;) though there will be a lot of those around here ;)


one of the most frequently asked questions whenever i post an ice cream recipe is: wonderful! must be yummy, but i don’t have an ice cream maker :( what can i do? ;(

beside the fact that all ice cream recipes can be made w/o an ice cream maker (there’s way more work to do, but one can make it), i have “invented” – it’s all a matter of playing around and adapting already existing stuff actually - (and will be inventing more) recipes which do not require an ice cream machine. Like the following. I do have an ice cream machine, but it’s not of the compressor freezer kind, mine has the bowl that has to be put in the freezer at least 13 hours or so before you churn your ice cream (see here, here, here, here), so either you basically plan when you’ll be making ice cream, or you have a huge freezer, and always keep the bowl there, so that it’s ready to use and well frozen any time you need it. When my parents complain because i have stuffed the freezer of anything that could possibly be use to stuff a freezer, i sometimes take the bowl of the ice cream machine out of the freezer. And here comes the necessity to have “No-churn” or “no ice cream machine” ice cream recipes.



serves 6


300 g nutella (hazelnut-cocoa spread)

220 g condensed milk

200 ml cream

2-4 tbsp milk



place en bain marie the nutella, just to get it softened;

remove from heat and fold in the condensed milk and as much milk as you’ll need to get a nice and smooth mixture (neither too thick or too runny);

put it in the MW for 30 secs, stirr well, get a nice and smooth and homogeneous mixture, and see if it needs another 15-30 secs in the MW; if it’s fine, allow to cool at room temperature (if it gets too thick add some other milk, but not too much);

once it has cooled down, fold in the whipped cream, gently, and then pour the mixture very gently into a proper box/container (that can be put in the freezer) – the layer of mixture shouldn’t be thicker than 2.5 inch;

place into the freeer for no less than 6 hours;

DONE. Don’t have to do anything more than this. Just go get a scoop and a bowl. It’s ready to be eaten. And it will always stay creamy.






  1. Nutella, are you kidding me! I always have like 3-4 jars in the house --- the BIG ones! :)
    My daughter lives on Nutella, I will definitely give it a try, looks delicious! Let me know if I can post the results. I have a feeling we'll love it!

  2. Of course you can post it! better, i'd be honoured if you did it! waiting for your post :)


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