Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ready, set, go!

Another blog? Well, maybe someone would probably say so.

But the truth is, I've been wanting to open an English version of my Italian blog for ages. I even did it. But for some reasons, it didn't go well. Maybe i wasn't in the right mood. Maybe it was the idea that was wrong.

I had always thought about creating a "translation" of the blog, an exact copy, but in another language (it was even supposed to have the same title and design).

But now I've realized that this isn't what i should be doing. I do not want the English version to be a mere translation of the other blog. I want this newborn blog to have a life of its own, its own features. Maybe I have been affected by my academic studies in this, but I have eventually understood that since every language has its own features, as does every culture that speaks that language, so every blog should have its own features, which will be different depending on the language the blog is written in.

This is a new start.

I will be translating the recipes, of course, but i won't be using the same way to express the same content. Same content, then, but different container, adapting to the language I have chosen for that particular blog.

Just like when I think or I dream (yes, it happens to me, sometimes i have dreams in English). It's a different way to do these things from Italian.

Welcome everybody to My Salty&Sweet Kitchen :) (a.k.a. MSSK), a place where I share my savoury and sweet creations. But also thoughts, episodes of my life. A mix of everything :)

I'll be soon starting to post :) so follow me! stay tuned ;)

and yes, i expect you to give me advice, culinary but also regarding the language :D I'm no English expert, still learning ;) and i want to learn always more ;)



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  1. Hi Serena! I replied to your email yesterday: did you get it? (Sorry I left this message, I didn't know how to contact you... :P)


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