Saturday, January 15, 2011

No ice cream machine=no ice cream?

don’t panic, it doesn’t have to be this way

everybody, have they an ice cream machine or not, can make ice cream :)

there’s more work to do, and it needs a lot more time, but the ice cream turns out as good as any ice cream made using an ice cream machine ;)


basically what you need to do is:

get your base ready (better if it’s a custard base)

pour it into a shallow, freezer safe container

allow to stay there for 45 minutes

remove from freezer, place the mixture into a large bowl, and mix the base using a hand mixer or an immersion blender, the important thing is that you make sure that you add air to the mixture and break up ice crystals

pour everything back into the container, put into the freezer, allow to freeze for 45 minutes


do this for 4-5 times, then after you’ve poured the ice cream mixture into the container for the last time, put it into the freezer and allow to stay there until it’s set (4-6 hours) and then it’ll be ready to be scooped


i usually do not mix with the hand mixer after only 45 minutes, it’s to soon for me, the mixture would still be more or less liquid, it would be no use to churn at that stage

i pour the base into the container, place into the freezer, wait 12 hours or so (it has to be set, but at the same time it has to be soft enough to be mixed with the hand mixer), and mix; then wait another 12 hours, and mix; if necessary i do that again one more time

[or you can do this as you see that the ice cream is getting a little too hard and it’s not really creamy anymore (could be also after a week or so)]


many recipes read that ice cream can be kept in the freezer for up to 1 week; i’ve experienced leaving it in the freezer for way longer periods, and nothing wrong has ever happened (i mean, i’ve never had to run to the hospital so far :D) no seriously, i make ice cream just for me, and of course i can’t make 1 cup of mixture, all that work for a single scoop of ice cream? i make ice cream and keep it in the freezer, and eat it every now and then, over a period of some months, when i feel like eating some (usually i make recipes that serve 6-8)


i have also made up recipes that call for no churning at all. Just pour, allow to set, and eat. A lot easier, ain’t it?


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